Melted Butter


Melted Butter is an instrumental jazz duo that has been confusing audiences in the Triangle area with their poorly-informed song choices since 2011.

Melted Butter is the bad idea of two musicians:

Joe W. – Bass – Joe plays bass in a variety of projects in the Triangle area, and is pretty dang good at it. Don’t ask to touch his bass, though, it’s vintage and we will fight you if you get too close. We’re only sort of kidding about that.
Tom W. – Guitar – Tom is a drummer, and while somewhat passable as one is a rather clumsy guitar player if you’re listening intently. That aside, over two decades of playing guitar help to hide the rough edges. He primarily plays Telecasters because only sissies play other types of guitars. That’s true, you can look it up.

Melted Butter is an instrumental jazz duo that grew out of playing between set breaks with their quartet, The Saucy Crawtails. What seemed like a fun endeavor grew more and more ridiculous until finally these clowns worked up enough tunes (and practiced them enough times) to go forth without the safety net of the quartet. And through the vehicle of some ill-advised cover song choices, driven mostly by the desire to make themselves laugh, you now can enjoy the fruits of their labor whenever the event calendar says they’re going to be somewhere.



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