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About Triangle Live Music:

As friends we discovered a common interest in listening to live music. So we started going out to see bands once or twice per weekend with our “brides”.
This then lead to the question; “Where do we want to go see live music this weekend?”.
To answer that question, we had to know that a venue had live music and visit their website. Or we had to know of a band we liked and visit their website.
“If only there was a website!” that brought all that together in one place.

TriangleLiveMusic.com is our labor of love and was created to be that one place for everyone.
We hope that you use it and enjoy it as much as we do.

Contact Us:

To request the addition, editing or removal of a listing, venue or band, please send an e-mail to us at;
If you have a preferred image you would like associated with a venue or band, please attach a suitable file (jpg, tiff or png format).

How to get the most out of TLM:

Click on the list of Cities above (Apex, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh) and it will list the gigs in or near that city today and tomorrow.

To go quickly to a specific date, click on that date in the calendar to the right for all posted events on that day. To change months, click on >> to move out one month, click again to go one more, etc.

If you click on the highlighted “Date/Time” you will go to the page for that one event-bar-band.
If you click on the highlighted ”Band/Artist” or “Location” you will go to the home page for that band/bar. There you will see all the gigs posted in trianglelivemusic.com for that band/bar plus links to their websites.

Looking for information on your favorite band or music venue? Go to the Bands or Bar, Pubs & Restaurant Tabs. If something is missing, email us at listings@trianglelivemusic.com.

Advertise With Us:

We mostly do this for fun. We started this site because we wanted to have a single location where we could go and find out which bands were playing where on what day. But we still have to pay the internet bills. If you would like to advertise with us we have a simple deal – $1 per gig per day. For that, we will add you to the rotation of ads in the right hand column. We currently do not accept more than 4 ads per space and we limit this to 2 spaces. So we never have more than 8 ads running at one time and if there are e.g. 4 ads running, you will appear in one of the spaces 50% of the page views. On slow days, you have the site to yourself. And yes, it means we never make more than $8 per day from this. But that does buy a beer for us when we come out to watch you play!

If you want to advertise, send us an e-mail (info@trianglelivemusic.com) with the days you want to have the Ad displayed, along with a 200 x 200 pixel image of the Ad in jpg or png format. For payment we typically accept PayPal and will send you the details on how to make that work.
There are other “advertising” options too:
– Bolding of the venue name, band name or the entire gig
– Colored fonts to highlight the gig
– Special positioning on the page:
     - Always at the top of events on a page
     - Always listed at the top even if a city search was clicked and your gig is not in that city

Here’s an example of a 200 x 200 Ad;

It will be displayed on a white background, so take that into consideration when you design the graphics.