Ashley Robinson

Acoustic, Alternative

Ashley or “Splashley” – Born and raised in the Raleigh area, she became fascinated with music at an early age. She is inspired by the catchy tunes of The Beatles, the sorrow-filled songs of Citizen Cope, and the laid back style of Jack Johnson. Sarcasm is Ashley’s middle name. It doesn’t bother her to be called a “smart ass.” Ashley is someone that you need to meet.

Jeremy or “Jer” hails from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Like Ashley, he too found a love for music as a youngster. Jeremy loves to hear the enchanting lyrics of Incubus and the sounds of Sublime. Jeremy can be timid at first but when you get to know him, he’s a lot of fun.

The members of R&R are described as being wise beyond their years and “old souls.” They were brought together via a mutual friend while they were pursuing degrees at East Carolina University.

Jeremy and Ashley love good music no matter who is playing it. They value the harmony they create as friends and musicians.


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